➜ 333 randomly assembled robot NFTs on the CARDANO blockchain.
(re-minting soon!)

About 🤔

Asimobs is a pixel art based NFT collection that will come with an auto-battler game that everyone can play - with exclusive tournaments for holders only. (ETA Q1-2023)

It will only be a low supply project, in hopes of creating a small yet tight-knight community that shares a similar and specific niche interest around robots, strategy games, pixel art, and unique deck games (
i.e. this).

P.S. - This project has been minted before, but due to a few unexpected turn of events (both good and bad) - a rebranding and migration was needed, (Hence, if you've been before, you might notice that a lot of info was scrubbed, to prevent visitors from minting the defunct collection that was migrated from)

Team 🐜

Just a one-man team! From art to development. So slow, steady, and careful is the pace. Ala IOHK! But despite being one, I just wanted to acknowledge the people that helped me with their feedback. So thank you, everyone!

As for tidbits about me, I'm currently a full-time professional mobile developer in 🇵🇭 and a part-time contributor for a number of teams that have their own NFT related projects (in some neighboring chains).

I started to learn coding from modding Warcraft III maps a decade ago. As a fan of strategy games, collectible card games, and robots (i.e. Medabots & Exteel) - I've always wanted to create a game that combines most of their elements, hence this project!