Buy an ₳simob!

Policy ID: 3d8a6c3ffb3c07447d46738d4189b2e32dc8c56ef1faf5a9e6609c77

(P.S. - Just scroll down below if you have experience in buying CNFTs before!)


Buy some CARDANO (ADA) in a cryptocurrency exchange of your choice. Check out Binance, Kucoin, or Coinbase.


Download and install a CARDANO (ADA) compatible Shelley-era wallet on your phone, PC, or browser. I recommend the following in order of convenience:


Send the CARDANO (ADA) you got from STEP #1 to the wallet you got from STEP #2. (Please be careful and always double-check your address by sending a small amount of ADA to your wallet first!)


Using your CARDANO WALLET (DO NOT SEND ADA FROM AN EXCHANGE!), send the following amount of ADA to the highlighted address below depending on how many Asimobs NFTs you'd like to purchase:

  • Send EXACTLY 18.00 ADA to mint one (1) Asimobs!

  • Send EXACTLY 36.00 ADA to mint two (2) Asimobs!

  • Send EXACTLY 54.00 ADA to mint three (3) Asimobs!

Send your ADA to the highlighted address below:


Alternatively, you can also scan this QR Code


You're done! You should receive your Asimobs NFT(s) after a few minutes, depending on how busy the Cardano network is. But please allow for up to one day to receive your NFT (or a refund).