➜ 5,001 randomly assembled robot NFTs on the CARDANO blockchain.


ASIMOBS was mainly inspired by the franchises I love: Exteel, Medabots, & Keyforge (which is a card game, but more on it later!). ASIMOBS combines the mixing and matching of robot parts in Exteel and Medabots (and in similar robot games) with the immutable unique random deck generation concept that Keyforge has. So instead of unique immutable decks with random cards, you get unique immutable robots with random parts!

Initially, the project was just supposed to be a standalone game, but after noticing that its mechanics are also built around uniqueness, randomness, & immutability like most NFT projects, it really made sense for me as a blockchain and NFT enthusiast to turn it into one as well! But to strike a balance with non-collectors and NFT collectors, the game will always be free for those who just want to play without purchasing any ASIMOBS NFTs, while those who do will receive rewards for their support.

The project adheres to an organic marketing and sales strategy. Aiming towards quality over quantity. Which is important for a long and sustainable run!

For advocacy, ASIMOBS also aims to support decentralization by staking 55% of the sales to single pool operators on the Cardano (ADA) blockchain.

Ultimately, ASIMOBS is also an endeavor for exploring and studying the limits of how far can a one-man artist/developer team get in running an NFT project with a game utility on top.

An Uncharted Game Genre

Have you ever gotten bored or annoyed when the games you play start feeling repetitive when you see nothing but the same item builds, setups, strategies, broken characters/"heroes" for every match and game you queue in? Those are called "Metas" (not to be confused with the Metaverse!). "Metas" are basically the solutions/answers needed to dominate a particular patch or version of the game you're playing in. It could be a MOBA, a Shooter, a MOBA Shooter, a Fighting Game, a Gard Game, an RTS Game, etc. Players are at the mercy of long waits for balance and nerfs patches. And as for innovators, their game-winning strategies are always at the mercy of proliferation until eventually, it gets the "nerf stick".

The ASIMOBS game will be an "Auto-battler" that will address the above issues by borrowing concepts from a fairly uncharted game genre called "Unique Deck Game(s)". This genre relies on distinctly randomized immutable game elements that enforce variety in matches between players. ASIMOBS robots are exactly like that! Randomized and immutable (because they cannot be disassembled)! The "Auto-battler" plus "Unique Deck Game(s)" combo will result in the following:

  • Minimized Repetitiveness - since all ASIMOBS robots will have unique ability sets (associated with their immutable unique part combinations), it will cause every match and interaction to be naturally unique too. Seeing matches that end up the same or feel the same will be close to none! Games will always be fresh!

  • True Strategy Ownership - the game-winning strategies that players discover with their ASIMOBS robots are safe from copycats! Since every ASIMOBS robot ability set is unique, the strategies that come with it are unique and non-fungible too. In the game, no one can have your exact strategy unless they acquire (through buying/trading) your exact ASIMOBS robots that enable it, giving them more value.

Mini-Economy x Secondary Market

The diagram below shows the potential to create a mini-economy backed by the demand for annual tournament slots. The tiered ADA rewards (250/500/1000) will come from the 55% of the sales (in ADA) allocated for staking.

ASIMOBS also has the potential to grow in the secondary market through a similar model with Magic The Gathering, Pokemon TCG, or other collectible games. With an additional scarcity due to the uniqueness of every ASIMOBS robot!

Future Goals!

  • Scout and support game development teams that are interested in making game derivatives for ASIMOBS! After all, the blockchain is for everyone! ASIMOBS are always publicly queryable for those who are planning to make fun stuff with it!

  • Look for sponsors to achieve a bigger prize pool!

  • Develop the brand/trademark further for merchandising! They look good on black shirts, and desktop mats NGL.